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Car Maintenance Tips To Lower Premiums: Auto Insurance McAllen, TX

by host on Monday, March 14, 2016 9:16 PM

Proper maintenance of your car is imperative to reduce the frequency of accidents and consequently the insurance claims. A working car and a clean driving record can cause a drop in the insurance premiums. Some auto insurance companies in McAllen TX even offer annual discounts to those with fewer claims.


Listed below are some simple car maintenance tips that need to be followed in order to bring down the premium rates:

  • Change the oil regularly: Changing the oil on a regular basis can help your car engine function smoothly for a longer period of time. Depending on the model and manufacturing year of your vehicle, you must use the proper oil required for it. 
  • Clean the brakes often: Not cleaning the brakes often can lead to accumulation of grime and moisture. The brake dust will eventually start sticking on the wheels due to static electricity. Therefore, wipe off the dust frequently with the help of a damp sponge.
  • Rotate the tires on a regular basis: Rotating the tires after driving a specific number of miles ensures they wear out evenly. Not only this, your tires will also last for a longer period of time and the car will give you a better gas mileage. For those residing in areas that receive a lot of snowfall, it is important to purchase winter tires as they are specifically designed to drive properly in the snow. 
  • Check the belts: Multiple rubber drive belts are located at the front of the engine. These belts are prone to wear and tear, particularly if you drive your car in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the timing belt and accessory drive belt need to be checked after every 25,000 miles. You can even replace them if the rubber has worn off and it is affecting your gas mileage.
  • Lights: Properly functioning headlights, tail lights and brake lights are crucial for driving smoothly. This helps in avoiding accidents because you can clearly indicate the direction where you are going to turn or apply the brakes. So, keep a check on the lights and get them repaired whenever you suspect something faulty. 
  • Get in touch with an expert car mechanic: Take the expertise of a good mechanic in McAllen to keep your car in the best condition and reduce your auto premium rates. Discuss all the maintenance issues with the mechanic that you might be facing with your vehicle. It is essential to pay attention to the mechanic’s advice and follow the car maintenance schedule for regular upkeep.


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