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Buying Home Insurance In McAllen, TX

by host on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 12:18 AM

Protecting the home against damage and mishappenings is everyone’s priority. Getting a home insurance gives you peace of mind that you are financially covered in case of any unforeseen damage due to fire, water pipe burst, theft etc. Insurance coverage is also held as a prerequisite to be eligible for a home loan.


Following points should be considered while buying home insurance:

  • Get the right coverage: You must decide whether you require coverage according to the market value (the current sale/purchase price of your house) or replacement value (the amount that may be required to rebuild your home in case of any damage). Getting your house insured for the latter value is a better option as it can help you restore your home to the original condition.
  • Liability Insurance: You may include insurance coverage for any accident or injury to a guest on your property. This could be due to a fall or even a dog bite. This cover will cover the cost of your legal defense if the injured individual files a lawsuit holding you responsible for the accident.
  • Natural calamities: Most insurance policies may not cover the damage to your home caused by certain natural disasters. So if your home is located in an earthquake, flood or storm prone area, it is better to either get this cover included or buy a separate insurance policy.
  • Lower your premium payouts: If you have installed some safety equipment in your home, your monthly premiums may come down as it minimizes the risk of damage and thereby, reduces the chances of filing a claim. Burglar alarm, smoke detector, dead bolts, fire sprinkler etc. are examples of the equipment that can reduce your payouts.
  • Bundle your policies: It is wise to buy home insurance from a company with whom you already have life or auto insurance. Bundling your policies may get you a better deal in terms of discounts and monthly premiums. 
  • Research the insurance company: Your insurance provider should be credible, reliable and have a response team to help you out in case of any doubts. You should also conduct a thorough research to find out if the company you are considering has a decent track record of settling payments.


A home is usually the biggest investment one makes in his life. Keeping it safe requires a careful understanding of the insurance policy that ensures to keep all your worries at bay.


Contact Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency for affordable home insurance in McAllen, TX. For details about the coverage options, you can call at (956) 399 – 1353.


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