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Why You Need Business Insurance In McAllen, TX

by host on Saturday, September 17, 2016 4:42 PM

Every business in McAllen, TX, whether big or small, needs to be adequately insured in order to prevent any financial losses. Any kind of unfortunate circumstances can expose you to the threat of unnecessary lawsuits that could come from an employee or a client.

Comprehensive business insurance will guarantee that you are prepared to face any financial contingency. The different types of insurance coverage required for a business include liability insurance, motor insurance, public liability insurance, business interruption insurance etc.


Given below are some reasons you should consider buying business insurance in McAllen:


  • A single lawsuit can make your finances go awry: It is imperative to have sufficient business insurance because even a single lawsuit filed against your company can put your financial security at risk. Also, there may be an unfortunate accident where your business property may get damaged or you could breach a contract due to certain reasons. Defending a lawsuit can cost you a significant amount of money, even if you win the case eventually.
  • Legal requirement of the state: All businesses in McAllen are legally required to have requisite insurance and therefore you need to comply with the rules. You should have worker’s compensation coverage for all the employees in your office. Also, some states require businesses to carry disability insurance as well. 
  • Accidents can happen anytime: If you are the owner of a property where customers and clients often visit, you need to get personal liability coverage. For instance, if a customer visits on your business premises and hurts himself, you will be required to pay for all his medical bills and lost wages. If you do not have insurance, this can put a heavy dent on your finances. Hence, it is essential that you get your business sufficiently insured.
  • Benefit during a catastrophic event: If a disaster strikes that puts a halt on your business operations, you are less likely to be affected if you have business interruption insurance. This type of insurance will provide coverage for the financial losses incurred by your business due to the failure of your staff to work. Get in touch with your insurance agent to know what all types of coverages are crucial for your business.


The insurance policy of other party might not be sufficient: There might be an instance where your store gets damaged after someone rams his car into it. Although the auto insurance policy of the defaulter may provide coverage for your shop and your products, it may not be entirely sufficient to pay for the income lost till the time the shop remains closed for repairs. So, it is best to get business insurance before any crisis situation arises.


For more information about business insurance in McAllen, TX, contact Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency. Call us at (956) 399 – 1353 to get details about the coverage options.


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