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Why Small Businesses Need Insurance?

by host on Monday, November 21, 2016 9:36 PM

As a small business owner, you may have to face some risks and challenges. Insuring your business can not only reduce your financial burden but also prepare you for unforeseen circumstances. It can provide protection to the infrastructure and other essential assets of your company against any mishaps, natural or manmade.


However, the type of business insurance must be chosen according to the size, services and products offered by your company.


Business insurance offers a wide range of coverage options such as general liability, medical malpractice, commercial property, kidnap and ransom, commercial umbrella, worker’s compensation etc. It is important to scrutinize your requirements before making the final decision. Make sure you research thoroughly before choosing the most suitable coverage option. You can even hire professional agents to help you make the best deal. They compare various plans so that you can choose a suitable insurance plan within your budget.


Listed below are some reasons why small businesses need insurance:


Keep your business up and running

To protect your company from losses caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, storms etc., having a business insurance is essential. Any damage to the infrastructure of your building, tools and equipment will be covered by the business insurance policy.  It may also provide coverage in case of theft or vandalism.


Provides protection to you and your employees

A business insurance not only provides protection to you but your employees as well.  By having a worker’s compensation, you can reduce the financial burden on your company.  This offers compensation for the medical expenses and lost wages of employees if they are injured while working during the period of their employment.


No one can predict the future

If you have a business insurance, you can rest assured that you and your customers are protected from accidents. The insurance plan covers the medical bills in case anybody gets injured within the premises of your property. In this way, you can remain safe if you have a business insurance.


Save yourself from lawsuits

It is important to have insurance to save your business from lawsuits filed against your company. It can not only enhance your financial security but also save you from paying hefty legal fees. Having a proper business insurance can protect you from fines, criminal or civil penalties.


To secure a loan

If you are planning to expand your business, you may require a huge amount of investment. A business loan can be a good option in this case. Most of the financial institutions check whether the owner has insurance as it can help him to manage risks and improve the chances of getting a loan. Thus, having a business insurance is must!


Makes you reliable

Having a business insurance can help you attract more customers as they are in safe hands.  In case any damage occurs, you can easily get compensation. This makes you more reliable and popular among customers. That is why having an insurance is imperative for a small business owner.


Beneficial for high risk businesses

Some agencies even provide kidnap and ransom coverage to the business-owners. It covers the risks of kidnapping, economic indemnification, ransom payments, medical care etc. and help you lead a safe and comfortable life. Thus, having a business insurance can be a good option if you are in higher risk business.  


Follow The Law


In most of the states, it is mandatory to have a business insurance. Basic coverage options such as worker’s compensation should be included in the insurance plan for all the employees. Not abiding by the rules may result in fines or penalties. Therefore, getting a business insurance can be an absolute necessity in some areas.    


Business insurance can not only safeguard you from potential hazards but also help to increase your clientele base. Therefore, having an insurance can be quite profitable for your small business.  


We, at Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency, provide comprehensive business insurance in McAllen, TX. The agents explain the various coverage options and help in choosing a business insurance plan according to the requirements of the clients.  For more information, you can call at (956) 399-1353.


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