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Quick Tips To Save On Your Car Insurance

by host on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 8:30 PM

Having a car insurance is imperative for all drivers as it not only covers the financial losses due to vehicle damage but also pays for the medical bills in case of an accident. However, choosing a suitable policy is important. Being familiar with the different factors that affect car insurance can help you make the right decision.


Let’s take a look at some quick tips which can reduce your car insurance premiums:


Compare Quotes Online


You must research thoroughly and compare quotes online. Reading reviews about different carriers can also be beneficial. This can help to choose a suitable car insurance within your budget. Some companies even offer discounts if you purchase insurance online. In this way, you will be able to save your time and money on the car insurance.


Include Only The Required Coverage Option


It is important to evaluate your requirements and make a list of coverage that you require. It can help to lower your premium while avoiding the extra expenses. Whether you need a liability coverage, collision or comprehensive coverage, choose a plan that best suits your needs.   


Higher Deductibles Can Be Beneficial


Deductible is the amount that you need to pay towards the settlement of a claim. If you increase this amount, you can definitely cut down on your premium. For example, paying $1000 instead of $500 as a deducible can be beneficial for you. Make sure you ask your agent how lowering this value will affect your insurance cost.


Choose Your Car Wisely


The type of car plays an important factor in determining your insurance rates. You may have to pay more premiums in case you buy a car with a large engine. Also, if you buy a sports car you may have to pay a higher price for the insurance. Thus, it is better to choose a car with a smaller engine as it can help you save a lot.


Opt For Carpool Or Public Transportation


If you drive less than average miles per year, you may get entitled to discounts on your insurance cost. For this, you can opt for carpool or take the public transportation. This will minimize the risk of accidents and reduce your insurance premiums.  


Drive Safely And Have A Clean Record


Maintaining a good driving record can help to cut down your insurance premium as various discounts are provided to the drivers who have never been involved in accidents or received traffic tickets. Some Insurance providers also give concessions to drivers who have successfully completed a driving safety course.    


Maintain Your Credit Score


Your credit history affects the insurance rates to a great extent. Paying bills on time and keeping low balance on credit cards can help to improve your rating. Clearing off your pending debts can also be helpful in lowering your insurance premiums. It is important to review your credit history regularly and rectify the errors before applying for car insurance. This can definitely help to improve your credit score.


Buy Multiple Policies From The Same Provider


Most of the insurance companies offer discounts to the customers who buy multiple insurance policies from them. Thus, buying homeowners, auto and life insurance from the same company can help to decrease the insurance rate. Make sure you compare the cost of combined polices with the single package before making the final decision.


Have A Good Safety Rating


You can get additional rebates on your insurance premiums if you have safety features such as anti-theft devices, air bags, anti-lock brakes, engine cut-off systems etc. installed in your car. These will help to prevent accidents and minimize your chances of filing a claim. Parking your car safely in a garage may also decrease the chances of theft and cut down your insurance costs.


Follow the above mentioned tips if you want to reduce your insurance premium. Make sure you read the policy carefully before signing the final deal.


We, at Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency, offer affordable car insurance in McAllen. The agents can help you choose a suitable insurance plan according to your requirements. For more information, you can call at (956) 399 – 1353 or visit 148 N. Sam Houston Blvd, San Benito, TX 78586.


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