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Personal insurance services by Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency safeguard you against any economic losses in case of an accident, theft of your vehicle or any other damage to your personal property. This is accomplished with a contract between the client and the insurance company. You have to pay an agreed amount of premium to the company at regular time intervals, and in turn, the company is liable to pay for your losses as stated in the policy details. Most of the personal insurance policies cover liability, medical and property coverage. Liability coverage deals with the legal payouts to others in case of property damage or physical injuries. Medical coverage deals with the expenses of treatment and sometimes, funeral costs and lost wages. Property coverage deals with theft or damage of your vehicle.
Types of Personal Insurance Policies
Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency offers various plans under two broad categories of Personal Insurance: Auto Insurance and Property Insurance.
Auto/ Vehicle Insurance
Our agency offers world class auto/vehicle insurance services in the South Texas. Our insurance agents ensure that our clients get the best returns out of their insurance policies with the least possible investment.Here are the Auto Insurance Plans offered by the agency.
  • Standard Auto: Standard Auto insurance policies usually insure every aspect of an automobile. It provides coverage for all the losses that could pertain to any mishap that can include the insured vehicle and the owner(s).
  • Non-Standard Auto: It is a bit more expensive than the standard auto insurance plan. This plan is basically designed for the people who do not qualify for the standard plan due to their previous driving record, age of driver(s), lapsed policy or a high performance vehicle.
  • Classic Cars: It is vital to have a classic car insurance policy if you own one. Classic cars are usually one of the most valued possessions of the owner. So it is very important that you keep them insured and protected from any sort of theft or damage.
  • RV: Recreational Vehicle (RV)insurance policies provide coverage for all RV vehicle categories – Class A, B and C.
  • Motorcycle: Just as for cars, it is important to have your motorcycle insured for theft or damage due to accidents, especially because of their reduced physical protection, high performance and typically younger drivers.
  • Watercraft: This insurance provides coverage against any sort of liability, accident or defacing of the watercraft. This type of policy safeguards the owner against any economic liability as driver of the watercraft or as a rental to someone else.
  • ATV: All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) insurance policy provides coverage in case of theft damage of your vehicle or any sort of bodily injury caused by it.
  • Golf Cart: This policy helps you get insured against any sort of damage or physical injury while riding on golf carts.
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