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Business insurance policiesarea complex category of insurance plansthat may incorporate various kinds of coverages. Generally, the amounts and types of insurance coverages are selected by the businesses depending upon their size, services or products they offer and the nature of the activities of the company.

Types of Business Insurance Policies

Our Business Insurance services include the following products:
  • Commercial Property: Commercial property insurance provides coverage for all sorts of business properties if they are damaged due to fire, theft, etc. It covers both a building or structure and also the office furnishings, inventory, machinery, computers, etc.
  • General Liability: Liability insurance provides coverage for any sort of claims, mostly legal, in which the company is found guilty or responsible. It also covers the medical expenses of any people injureddue to the fault of the company.
  • Workers Compensation: This insurance covers the medical expenses and lost wages of employees if they are injured on the job during the period of their employment.
  • Commercial Auto/Vehicle: Commercial auto/vehicleinsurance provides coverage for all the vehicles owned by a business.
  • Professional Liability: This insurance provides coverage to a company if it has been sued for its failure to perform its job properly. The coverage will also include the legal costsup to the limit of the policy.
  • Commercial Umbrella: This provides coverage for all other business liabilities that are not generally included in other insurance policies.
  • Farm and Ranch: This type of insurance is mainly targeted for those people who depend on their farms and animals to earn their living. Itinsures the security of your farm againstall kinds of perils and damages.
  • Inland Marine: If you are in the transport and shippingbusiness, then you need inland marine insurance. This insurance policy covers all your valuable goods like golf equipment, computer and photography equipment, motor truck cargo and the like.
  • Kidnap and Ransom: This insurance coverage is an absolute necessity if you are in a higher risk business. This policy covers all your risks of kidnapping, economic indemnification, ransom payments, medical care and loss of income.
  • Medical Malpractice: Also known as medical liability insurance, it is a critical protection that every medical practitioner must have. Medical malpractice covers all the bodily harms that are caused to a patient while being in the care of the practitioner, plus any additional expenses related to legal claims and damages.
  • Contractors: This policy is mainly aimed at providing coverage to the contractors in case of any workplace accidents. This type of insurance includes the business of plumbing, construction, electrical, painter etc.
  • Business Package: A Business Insurance Package provides coveragefor medium to large enterprises from any theft, fire, spiteful and accidental damage.
  • Equipment: This policy covers all the equipment that are used in the offices on a daily basis like furniture, servers and computers from any damage or loss.
  • Flood: It provides coverage to your business property against any damage caused due to flood. Many policies also cover the contents of the building.
  • Bonds: Also known as financial guarantee insurance, the policy is purchased by a bond issuer against the guarantee of the refund of principal and interest amount to the bond holders in case of any default.
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