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Property Insurance

Property Insurance is a very common form of personal insurance that provides coverage for all your personal belongings from any sort of damage or mishap. Property insurance is the only type of insurance service that will help you safeguard your property from some major risk factors including weather damage, natural calamities, fire, theft and many more. We offer various products in the Property Insurance category including:
  • Homeowner: Homeowner insurance is generally divided into two parts: structures and contents. The first part provides coverage for your home and other buildings (owned by you) in case of fire or any other disaster, along with its rebuilding. The second part covers everything that is inside your house including furniture, carpets and even clothes.
  • Condominium: In present times, many people prefer to stay in condominiums closer to work rather than buying or renting a house. This saves them a lot of time and let them avoid some hassles of travelling through heavy traffic within the city to their work. Condo insurance also covers your condominium's structure and all the furnishings inside it.
  • Renters: This policy insures your possessions in case of any theft or natural disaster when you are living in a rented house or apartment.
  • Mobile Home Insurance: This policy covers many of the same elements as in a Homeowner policy but it also includes a few more belongings and things like bursting water pipes, falling objects, etc.
  • Vacant Dwelling: This policy is especially designed to insure a property that does not have anyone living in it. Properties eligible for vacant dwelling insurance are the homes that are up for sale, that are vacant for less than 2 years, or that are under renovation.
  • Tenant Dwelling: This includes coverage for a property by the landlord that has been rented by tenants.
  • Flood: Flood Insurance shields your house and other property from any loss incurred due to flood, especially if you are residing in a flood prone area.
  • Personal Umbrella: This policy includes all your personal belongings and assets from any uncertain event or mishap, which you might not have anticipated earlier.
  • Windstorm: This provides coverage to the policy holder from any sort of damage caused to your property due to windstorms.
For more information about property insurance plans offered by Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency, you can contact us at (956) 399-1353 or just fill out the contact form on our website. Our agents will respond to you promptly.
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